Happy, Healthy, Natural New Year!

2016 is here!  Can you believe it? I hardly can! Another year has gone, but with the new year starting I can’t help but think of new beginnings full of new possibilities. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one to make resolutions, to wait for Monday or the New Year, I believe in starting now, where ever you are, just start. But there is something about another year ending and a new one starting that reminds us that life is moving forward. By setting goals, being intentional about what we really want in our lives and considering  what is important we can position ourselves to move closer to our goals and dreams.  So write down those dreams and goals and take action now to incorporate them into  your daily life to see them come to fruition!

One of my goals this year is to dig deeper into getting rid of any toxins in my life. This includes beauty products, supplements and home cleaners, etc.. So to take action and start now, I have finally  become a member & distributor of Young Living Essential oils. This is something I have been thinking about for years and I am soooo happy I finally joined. In my opinion they have the highest quality oils and offer a HUGE range of products, I am excited to try.   I love the idea of using safe, non toxic products for my family and in my home.

I ordered the premium starter kit  with my membership which included 25% off retail price for all products, a diffusor +  11 essential oils + mini glass bottles for DIY blends or for sharing oils + 2 NingXia Red Single packs + roller top + 10 essential oil sample packets + Young Living Product Guide + Essential Oil Magazine + all kinds of learning and marketing info.



I have already been using lemon essential oil in my detox water, thieves oil on my feet for the immune boosting properties this winter (smells amazing), purification in my diffuser to naturally get rid of odors in my home, frankincense during prayer and meditation, stress away roll on my wrist during busy work days and so much more.

Pure, therapeutic grade lemon essential oil
Comfy, cozy and content sipping coconut oil coffee, working on new years goals. Loving my new dew drop diffuser, diffusing “purification”


Did you set any new year’s goal this year?

Let me know if  I can help!

And, If you are interested in learning more about starting your wellness journey with  essential oils send me your email.


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