Rose Petal & Mint Tea

“Rose petals are calming and mood-lifting. They help with anger and frustration, give you courage to defend your opinions and boundaries, and help you like yourself and others more”

Henriette Kress, Herbalist

There is something so empowering about harvesting fresh ingredients, isn’t there? It’s summer and wild roses are in full bloom here. The more I learn about the benefits of roses from my use and research of rose essential oil the more I want to incorporate this beauty in its many forms into my life. I know the incredible benefits of rose essential oil, but why had I never stopped to think of harvesting a bit of those benefits right from my garden as well? True Rose essential oil is highly valuable and boasts an intoxicating scent. There is nothing else like it. Once you have experienced real rose oil its hard to tolerate the common synthetics sold out there.

“It takes an amazing amount of roses to make a single ounce of the essential oil. If you find cheap rose essential oil, then it has most likely been adulterated with some other plant.”

Rosalee De La Foret

In her book Alchemy Of Herbs , Rosalee De La Foret shares some incredible medicinal uses for roses and many other common garden plants. I highly recommend her book for anyone getting started with herbs.

Avoid roses that have been sprayed with pesticides. (Almost all that come from florists will contain traces of pesticides, as they are not meant for consumption.)

Alchemy Of Herbs by Rosalee De LaForet

If you don’t have edible roses available you can order them online here and even get pre-made rose tea bags ( these look lovely) . Never consume any plant that you are unsure of or that you may be allergic to. According to “When choosing roses look for aromatic wild roses as your best source.” Again, if you are unsure if a plant is safe to eat you can always order organic edible dried roses online.

So off to my garden I went and plucked some of the most fragrant pink petals and rose buds and I grabbed a handful of mint from the garden. Both are refreshing and cooling, perfect summer tea.

This was so easy to make. I rinsed the roses and mint then put them in a sauce pan and covered them with filtered water and simmered for about 10 minutes before straining and adding a little honey to taste. I have enjoyed this both iced and hot.

I stored the tea in a mason jar with a lid in the fridge. Whenever I wanted a cup I either poured some over a glass full of ice or poured a little in a mug and topped with hot water for a hot cup of tea.

How do you like to use fresh rose petals?

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