Summer Pasta Dinner


Today I am dreaming of summer and remembering the taste of fresh picked veggies and herbs strait from the garden. Everything tastes so much better, full of all natural God made flavors, vibrant sun energy, nutrient rich, soil fed flavor. Clean eating at it’s finest if you ask me. Fresh herbs add so much flavor to meals that you don’t need to add any fillers or artificial anything. No sugars or fake fats. This is a simple dish that packs a big punch of mouth watering deliciousness. It’s easy enough for a week night dinner and beautiful enough for a weekend dinner date.

I used a gluten free pasta made form quinoa and brown rice flower. You can find this type of pasta at most health food stores and even several of the big supermarkets these days. Just be careful not to over cook it, the pasta can go from al dente to mush if you are not diligent with the cooking instructions. But otherwise it is very simple. The gluten free pasta is boiled just like any other pasta. You could even add your veggies to the same pot and boil together if you prefer. I however, love to lightly grill my veggies in the summer months. No worries if you don’t have your own garden, farmers markets and farm stands are another great way to find fresh produce. There is something indescribably satisfying about taking a trip to a local “u-pick” farm and making a meal out of your pickings. Take family and friends and enjoy this wonderful experience if you can. You can use any produce you prefer, or even try something new.

This dish can me customized to your liking or what is available to you

Here is a general guideline for creating a dish like this:

1 package gluten free quinoa & brown rice pasta

kale (I boiled with the pasta)

zucchini (lightly coated with olive oil, sprinkled with herbs, salt, pepper)

tomatoes ( diced and added to  cooked pasta at end)

beans, drained and rinsed (you can use black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo or any you prefer)

garlic, fresh pressed ( I added to cooked pasta at end)

olive oil ( just a small amount to lightly coat grilling veggies and to drizzle on pasta or add to boiling water to keep pasta from sticking)

Basil, chopped

oregano, chopped

sea salt, to taste

fresh ground black pepper, to taste

Boil pasta according to package directions. Chop, cook, grill or boil veggies of your choice ( I grilled the zucchini with a light coating of olive oil and fresh herbs, salt and pepper. Drain and rinse beans. Drain Pasta and toss with veggies and beans. Drizzle with additional olive oil and add more herbs, salt and pepper as needed or to taste. Enjoy!

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