Wild Berry “Nice Cream” and breaking free from unhealthy food thinking

I used to have a problem with desserts and snack foods. The problem was manly the things or ways that I thought about them. Desserts used to be “forbidden”, “bad” for me foods. And I must admit, back then the desserts or treats I consumed were not good for me, full of processed unnatural ingredients, added sugars and artificial whatever. How we think about our foods is very important. Negative thinking about what we are putting into are bodies is not healthy and it can create an unhealthy cycle of negativity, cravings that seem uncontrollable and guilt.  It wasn’t until a tried a raw food diet that the way I saw food changed for me. It was kind of a reset,  a detox and a pallet cleanse all in one. Only after I fasted from all processed and cooked foods and began eating only whole foods, raw fruits, vegetables and nuts did I start to make the connection of what is actually real food. My cravings started to change. The more nourishing, pure foods I put into my body, the more I craved those types of foods. After completely cutting out processed foods my taste buds seem to wake up. I could taste amazing flavors in vegetable and fruits like never before! I believe that the processed, artificial and over seasoned, over cooked foods  can distort our taste buds and even cause “out of control” cravings in a vicious cycle. After a time of  eating only pure, real, nutrient rich whole foods it hit me that most of what is in the supermarket, restaurants, even cafeterias and on our plates today is not real food.  I was becoming free from the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.).  Food was no longer “good” or “bad” anymore. Now it was real food, pure, natural, fresh, nourishing, “REAL FOOD ” vs  “PROCESSED CHEMICALS” to me.  I found that, for me, when I was eating only Real Food, I could eat as much as I wanted with no guilt or regret and I began to feel better and look better, excess body fat was just falling off and cravings were for fresh, juicy, nutrient rich Real Food that would give me a better completion and a clearer mind. I do not eat 100% raw today but It was such an awakening experience for me, bringing me back to what food really is; nourishment and fuel for our bodies and for our brains.  Today I incorporate lots of  raw fruits and vegetables  into my diet and try to keep the processed foods to a minimum and at least make sure they are organic with all natural ingredients. So with all that said, lets get to the recipe!

This recipe is for Wild Berry “Nice” Cream. It is delicious. I eat it for a dessert, a treat or any time. It is vegan, vegetarian, raw, clean eating. Berries are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Avacados are en excellent source of healthy fats that can help with weight control, balance hormone, beautiful hair, skin and nails.

1 Large Frozen Banana

Generous Handful of Organic frozen wild berry mix (Mine had Raspberries, Blackberries, Cherries & Strawberries)

Half an avocado

Pinch of shredded unsweetened  organic coconut

In a blender ( I used the nutribullet) combine all ingredients except shredded coconut. Add just a splash of water. Just enough so that you can blend to a nice thick ice cream or sorbet consistency, too much will make it too watery and give it more of a smoothie like consistency, you can fix by adding more frozen fruit. Serve in a bowl and top with the shredded coconut if desired. You may have to stop and stir the frozen fruit around to get it to combine depending on the strength of your blender.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!


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